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Sketch Slop 27th April 2021

Another sketchbook doodle meltdown featuring all the hit topics of the day such as 99 rave trousers, insomnia, gentrification, and the rest..

Sketch Slop 25th April 2021

Megageil Doodlespaß am Sonntag! Sketchbook Kaoss featuring Jazz, Acid and Portals…

Sketch Slop 21st April 2021

Spending most me time colouring at the moment so these slabs of nonsense are less frequent but here’s more nonsense doodle augenkrebs from my sketchbook

Jammo’s Music Report 18.04.2021

It’s been a heavy week of Peng Valley work so here’s what I’ve been ragging through the ear holes whilst noodling away on the wacom.

Metro Area – Metro Area

Good things come to those who wait, and oh, how I’ve waited. Around the time this album was released — in 2002 — being skint and that, I’d made a solemn oath to only buy old sample records and never new music. Especially not electronic music! Loads of drunken rants full of lines like “If it’s made on a computer, why can’t it stay on one?” ensued. Of course, I was wrong. Long story short, I didn’t buy this then and spent the best part of the last 15 years kicking myself for it. The MP3s have worn the fuck out! Thankfully they’ve only gone and re-released it for a ’15 year anniversary triple vinyl package’ simultaneously making me rush out to buy it and feel old in the process. I won’t bang on, It’s pure disco wonderment and I’m a happier old man for it!

Super Rhythm Trax – Super Rhythm Trax Compilation

A stellar collection of wall to wall bangers housed in a tidy package designed by street artist Run. Hard to pick a favourite to be honest, it’s reet good!

Missy Elliot – Miss ‘E’ So Addictive

An absolute classic from Missy including one of my all time favourite horizontal R&B wobblers ‘X-tacy’ I can’t tell you how many times I left an early noughties rave, off my pickle, to sit in the bath listening to this.

FFSYTHO Ask About me (Jabru Mix)

Absolutely bananas glockenspiel led, bass-heavy UK Hip Hop. Serious flow, excellent lyrics and heavy drum rolls. What more could you want?

Cyberdine Systems Corp – Program State

Glitched out, heavy static electro brilliance of the highest order. Pure machine music!

—/// Bonus Bits ///—

It’s not all music is it? I’m well cultured me, so heres a little list of other bits I’ve been enjoying of late…

Podcast: How to Burn a Million Quid / BBC 4 Extra Podcast

Wicked little six piece podcast based on the life and times of the KLF

Film: Quincy / Netflix

Co-directed by Rashida Jones, this lush little portrait of Quincy Jones, paints a tidy picture of the Jazz legend as a loving, caring person, who could possibly do with easing up on the workload. It’s funny, charming, and tragic in equal measure and packed to the gills with wicked footage.